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A green hydrogen truck soon also in French-speaking Switzerland: it’s the “GOH! – Generation Of Hydrogen “


The innovative project “GOH! “, presented in early October 2019 in Geneva, aims to build and test a 40-tonne truck powered by green hydrogen. This truck for the transport of.. read more

Thanks to green hydrogen, the link between the electricity and mobility sectors is becoming an economic reality in Switzerland!


The first 2 MW electrolysis facility for the production of green hydrogen in Switzerland will become operational at the Gösgen hydropower plant at the end of 2019. Together with petrol.. read more

Emission-free boat trips on the Swiss inland lakes feasible – electric with 100% green hydrogen generated from local renewable power sources!


Hydrogen-as-energy-carrier enables an emission-free electric cruising on the Swiss inland lakes. With 100% green hydrogen generated from local, renewable power sources – typical in Switzerland with  hydropower and solar PV… read more

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