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Emission-free boat trips on the Swiss inland lakes feasible – electric with 100% green hydrogen generated from local renewable power sources!


Hydrogen-as-energy-carrier enables an emission-free electric cruising on the Swiss inland lakes. With 100% green hydrogen generated from local, renewable power sources – typical in Switzerland with  hydropower and solar PV… read more

Hydrospider AG online – publishes locations of the 4 new, soon to be commissioned hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland


Hydrospider AG ensures the procurement, production and logistics of green hydrogen from renewable power. Link Hydrospider AG. The 100% green hydrogen comes from the Alpiq run-of-river power plant Gösgen. A.. read more

Alpiq and H2 Energy achieve milestone for the development hydrogen-powered mobility in Switzerland


Switzerland’s first system for the commercial production of hydrogen is planned at the Gösgen hydropower plant. The 2 MW system is to be constructed by Hydrospider, which is owned in.. read more

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