Hydrospider AG online – publishes locations of the 4 new, soon to be commissioned hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland

Posted on Friday September 6th, 2019

Hydrospider AG ensures the procurement, production and logistics of green hydrogen from renewable power.
Link Hydrospider AG.

The 100% green hydrogen comes from the Alpiq run-of-river power plant Gösgen. A 2 MW electrolyser produces up to 300 tons of green hydrogen every year. This is enough for about 40-50 trucks or 1700 cars.
Link PR Alpiq run-of-river power plant Gösgen

Hydrospider AG’s new website also lists the locations of hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland – 1 in operation, 4 soon:

In service since end of 2016:

On planning and soon in service:

  • Avia Tankstelle St. Gallen, Oberstrasse 137, CH-9000 St. Gallen
    MapLink PM AVIA-Osterwalder

  • Coop Tankstelle Dietlikon, Erlenweg 1, CH-8305 Dietlikon ZH

  • Coop Tankstelle Crissier-Lausanne, Chemin de Saugy 3, CH-1023 Crissier VD

  • Agrola Tankstelle Zofingen, Luzernerstrasse 22, CH-4800 Zofingen AG
    MapLink PM Agrola