Hydrogen-electric mobility in Switzerland on the verge of a breakthrough

Posted on Sunday May 12th, 2019

Four new members join the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association: Camion Transport Ltd., G. Leclerc Transport AG, F. Murpf AG and Tamoil Ltd.

Promising results after the first year of existence of the association: eight heavyweights of the Swiss transport and mobility industry as well as petrol station operators have already responded to the call of the seven founding members of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association who are committed to this particularly environmentally friendly form of electric mobility. Today, its 15 members represent a network of over 2’000 filling stations and a fleet of over 4’000 heavy commercial vehicles throughout Switzerland. They have the ability to set up the H2 infrastructure in Switzerland on a private-sector basis and to put the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles into operation by 2023 – kick-off: at the end of 2019!

Link PR dated 10 Mai 2019